Academic session
                                                              The academic year commences in April and ends in March.
Rules and regulations Admission
 1    Application for admission is made to the principal of the concerned campus on a prescribed form. The principal reserves the right,without specifying any reason whatsover,to refuse admission to an applicant.
2     Admission to  pre-primary classes and playgroup is made according to the age of the child : 2-3 years of age for montessori, 4 years of age for nursery and 5 years of age for the kindergarten. a child’s ability is also taken into consideration.
3   admission to any class except pre-primary is made after a pre-admission test, and on production of a valid transfer certificate from the previous institution.
Parent-Teacher Meetings
           Every campus periodically organises parent-teacher meetings where talks are arranged on child  education and child welfare. Attendance of all the parents at such meetings is compulsory.

Importent Notice

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