The school provides well maintained science laboratories. They are well equipped  with modern gadgets and instruments. Laboratories are the places where they see and experience the facts contained in the books Here develop scientific attitude in the minds of students
                    Computer Lab
    Computer has become an indispensable part of modern education. There fore school has provided computer laboratory where students have proper guidance of able instructors.      
* Transport charges are payble for 12 months.
* In case of any breakdown, parents will have to make their own transport   arrangement till the vehicle is road worthy.
* The school buses will pick-up student from specified points only and will  not  provide door to door services.
* The school will take utmost care to ensure safe travel, however in the event   of any accident. it will not be liable for any damages/charges on account of   injuries, fatal or otherwise which may be sustained by the student while utilizing school transport. All expenses that may be incurred in the   treatment of such injuries will be born by the Parents/Guardians.
* Guardians are requested to make their own conveyance arrangement as far   as possible.
* Bus facility is available for limited number of students.
                   Games & Exercises
    Games fulfill the young ones with a new enthusiasm nothing makes them so happy in comparison to games. Both their minds and bodies refresh and strengthen while they play.            
The classrooms in the school are specious, airy and well lighted.

Importent Notice

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